The Cure cured meat platter image


It all started with a chance encounter with some fine British charcuterie whilst holidaying in Cornwall. Tasting produce that had been made in England brought back memories of living and holidaying in Europe. Striking a chord with Danny, his lifelong love of food soon became more than a personal pastime and The Cure was born!

Danny comes from a creative background. Working in brand and design and then launching a coworking and event space to experiment in, Danny started selling British charcuterie at markets across the North of England whilst hosting his own artisan food & drink events. The Cure have collaborated with brands such as Magic Rock Brewing, Squawk Brewing Co. & Masons Yorkshire Gin. Danny soon became known in Yorkshire as ‘The Sausage Man’! A term that brings all sorts of images to mind but fondly meant as an expert in all things salami.

The Cure has become known as a forward-thinking, independent food company that champions authentic handmade produce. Whilst we mainly focus on UK artisans our search for quality, provenance, uniqueness and great taste is global as well as local.